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FIP full form Related to Factory Instrument Protocol Protocols/Network Feline infectious peritonitis FIP is a viral disease that occurs worldwide in wild and domestic cats Female iron pipe Plumbing/A kind of pipe Fixed Income Plan Finance Fire Indicator Panel FIP is the controlling component of a fire alarm system. International Pharmaceutical Federation (Fédération Internationale Pharmaceutique) […]


CeNS full form Related to Center for Embedded Network Sensing Computing/Networking Center for NanoScience NanoScience institute in Munich, Germany. Centre for Nano and Soft Matter Sciences/td> Research Institute in India


INS full form Related to Immigration and Naturalization Service Agency in United States of America Indian Naval Ship Ship name from India Indian Newspaper Society A non-profit organization in India for protecting and promoting the freedom of press in India. Inertial navigation system A navigation device in computer International News Service It was a U.S.-based […]


LAF full form Related to Lebanese Air Force Armed force/Army in Lebanon Lithuanian Activist Front Organization Liquidity Adjustment Facility Finance/Banking Luftseilbahn Adliswil Felsenegg (Adliswil-Felsenegg cable car) A cable car/Elevator


WIC full form Related to Walta Information Center TV Network WAN Interface Card Networking Web Intelligence Consortium (WIN) Organization Weber Improvement Committee Committee Wideband Imaging Camera Photography/Image/Camera Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Food & Nutrition Service in USA by USDA Woodwork Institute of California Education World Inline Cup Skating


JACR full form Related to Japanese Association Of Cancer Registries Organization Job Admit Card Result Education Journal of Advances in Computer Research Education Journal of the American College of Radiology Publishing/Print Journal of Anesthesia and Clinical Research Education/Publishing/Print


AAAA full form Related to American Academy of Adoption Attorneys Academy American Association for Affirmative Action Association American Association for the Advancement of Atheism Association American Academy of Adoption Attorneys Academy American Association of Advertising Agencies Association/Agency Aroostook Area Agency on Aging Agency Asian Academic Accounting Association Association/Organization Australian Automotive After-market Association Association We have […]


What is the ACE full form? We found many full form of ACE. Which is given below:- Action Construction Equipment is the full name of ACE which is an India’s respected manufacturer in material handling and construction equipment. American Council on Exercise is the full form of ACE which is the most respectfully non profit […]


What is the full form of CCL? We found many meaning regarding to CCL. Central Coalfields Limited is stand for C C L which is a Miniratna firm in India. It is a first category Miniratna company since October-2007.This company was established on 1-November-1975. Mission “To become a World class, Innovative, Competitive & Profitable Coal […]


What is the full form of WTE? We have found many WTE terms which is given below in a list or table and also categorized properly. WTE full form Related to Walking The Edge Movie name(1985) Washburn Transformational Experience Education/Study/University Waste To Energy Science Websphere Test Environment Technology Weekly Training Events Events/Training/Military Welcome To Everworld […]