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It is a service for web developer’s or business owner’s who running their business on internet such web apps, website’s. AWS full form is Amazon Web Service. This service almost all around the world because as we now that Amazon is very large firm in Internet industry. Amazon Inc providing cloud computing service where server […]


What is the meaning of Ymail? This is same as GMAIL because gmail full form is Google mail and Ymail full form is Yahoo Mail also Yahoo stand for Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle or we can say it is Yahoo full form. Features – Personalize – A user can personalize it mailbox with theme, message […]


What is the meaning of GMail? Guy’s, I think there is no need to write this content about the GMAIL full form because everybody know the full name of GMail. It is stand for Google Mail. It is a mail service which is known by worldwide. This service is started by Google from 2004. It is a […]