On this page you will see many meaning of CPC which is given below:-

Central Placement Cell – As we can understand from it’s name, it is a placement cell where it is working for unemployed candidates. It is running by the Government of Odisha for ITI, Diploma, SDC, MES pass out students to get job. They helps candidate to get job easily by the training.

Cooperative Patent Classification – It’s a joint partnership between USPTO and the EPO. Both USPTO and the EPO have patent developed classification system. Both they decided to work together.

Communist Party of China – It is a political party in China. It was originated in 1921 which is located at Zhongnanhai, Beijing.

Cost Per Click – Cost per Click is the CPC full form which is also called pay per click which is an internet advertisement system which is using on website’s to direct traffic where advertiser’s pay to publisher’s when an ad got clicked.

It is two type – Flat-rate & Bid-based

Flat-rate – As we can understand from the word of flat. Here, publisher’s get a fixed cost for per click.
Bid-based – As we can understand from the word of Bid. Here, advertiser’s participate’s in auction where which is hosting by an advertiser network or ad network like Google Adsense, Yahoo ads, etc.

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