There is no need to write this article about the Gmail full form because everybody knows the full name of Gmail.

It stands for Google Mail. It is a mail service which is known worldwide. This service is started by Google from 2004. It is a 100 Percent commercial mail service with beautiful interface and feature’s as well.

Google is providing 15 GB Free storage included Drive Picasa etc. Actually it is a free 15GB storage for Google account where you can use it for mail only or drive, No Matter! It depends on the user.

New Google mail Interface (Gmail full form) – In a new interface, your mail will be divided into the top 3 sections – Primary, Social, and Promotions. It works very well on slow speed internet connections.

  • Primary – In this tab, you will able to see only your main and important email.
  • Social – You can understand via name. In this tab, you will see all new and old social mail or notification/updates.
  • Promotion – This tab is only for commercial purposes which are using by Google to promote advertiser ads based on cookies and your interest.

Old Gmail Interface In this interface you will see the latest email on the first position and rest of the sorted by latest to oldest it is best for slow internet speed connection but it not better than a new interface.

Advertisement – As written above that is 100% commercial mail service. They serve cookies based text ads or interest-based mail which you receive in your mail and Promoted ads in the Promotion tab.

Gmail’s full form is Google mail. With the email service, you can live chat with your friends or contacts, A search bar where you can search any mail via a keyword.

There are so many features about Google mail which is available in this article but I can refer you to a direct link where you can read more about Google mail and Gmail Full Form.
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If you have any different Gmail full form, so please tell us via comment.

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