What is the TIPS full form?
Thermoplastic Industrial Piping Systems is the full form of TIPS. It creates pipe, valves, fittings etc. It is most useful because all thermoplastic piping materials are recyclable. CPVC, PE, PP, PVC and PVDF are used TIPS exclusively.

Two joining ways which will produce joints as robust as, or stronger than the pipe or fitting, are solvent cementing and warmth fusing. For ideal joint integrity CPVC and PVC are solvent welded, pe, PP, PVDF are heat fused. other joining techniques like flanging, threading, and other mechanical joining ways also are used. Pressure limitation and temperature

There are so much materials and products that can cover operational condition such as –
A maximum temperature is 275°F
A minimum of -40°F and
A maximum working pressure is 230 psi to a minimum of full vacuum.
Pipe,tanks, fittings, blowers, pumps, fans , tubing, filters, and valves, duct, flow monitoring equipment, scrubber packing, scrubbers, and heat exchangers.

4 big advantage:-
Environmentally sound
Safe and easy to use
Testing by TIPS after Installation:-
TIPS tests two same pipe material to other pipe material with 2 big hope
(1)Unless a manufacturer states or never test it with pressurized air or other gases and (2) When merge with cement, make somewhat that joints are cured properly per creator’s instructions before testing.