What is the meaning of Ymail?

This is same as GMAIL because gmail full form is Google mail and Ymail full form is Yahoo Mail also Yahoo stand for Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle or we can say it is Yahoo full form.


  1. Personalize – A user can personalize it mailbox with theme, message layout, spacing, stationery etc.
  2. Adding other email – Suppose a user have more than one email so user can add other email account also with current account so that a user will be able read, send, and organize emails from all of your inboxes right from your Yahoo account.
  3. Folder system – A user can create a a folder for specific address. For example – If a user created a folder with the name of Yahoo and applied the rule for yahoo mail so all Yahoo mail will directly received to that folder named as Yahoo instead of inbox or mailbox.
  4. Topic based customization – A user can customize its mailbox based on a topic, such as photos, with contextual bonus features.
  5. Other features like archive, chain system for long conversation, filter option etc.
  6. Storage – 1 TB for every user. Very good interface, inbox tab, spam filters, save contacts, live chat, calendar, security and so on.
  7. Search bar – Search bar in Ymail service as gmail providing for search any email via a single keyword.
  8. Attachment limit – Easy to compose mail and the maximum limit for attachment is 25 MB which means you can sent any data or attachment with the maximum 25 MB data. You can also sent files from Flickr, Drop-box or from your computer too.

About Yahoo mail or Ymail

Yahoo email service launched in 1997 by Yahoo, Inc. The company Yahoo, Inc is now the subsidiary of Verizon media or Verizon communication.

Ymail or Yahoo mail link – https://in.mail.yahoo.com/