IYD full form


IYD full form Definition/Related to International Youth Day An internation day marked by the United Nation. This day celebretaed every year on 12th of August.


International Business Machines is the full form of IBM. Originally the company was founded by Thomas J.Watson in 1911. IBM is an American multinational company, which works on hardware and software, and offers infrastructure, hosting and consulting services in area ranging from mainframe computers to nano technology. IBM was founded by three companies such as …

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INC full form


On this page, three INC full forms are given below with a short description. Inc It is an American magazine founded in 1979 and based in New York City. Indian National Congress A political party in India. Founded in 1885 on the 28th of December. Indian Nursing Council It is an autonomous body under the …

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IPS full form


The full form of IPS is the Indian Police Service. Simply, IPS meaning is Indian Police Service. Till 1948, IPS was known as IIP and IIP stands for Indian Imperial Police. The IIP was started by the British government when India was a slave. The IIP was introduced in 1861 as Superior Police Services but …

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On this page, four IID full forms are given below with the short description. Indian Independence Day Every year, the 15th of August celebrated as Independence Day in India. It’s started in 1947. Indian Institute of Diabetes Indian Institute of Diabetes is the IID full form which is an educational institute in Kerala, India about …

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INS full form Related to Immigration and Naturalization Service Agency in United States of America Indian Naval Ship Ship name from India Indian Newspaper Society A non-profit organization in India for protecting and promoting the freedom of press in India. Inertial navigation system A navigation device in computer International News Service It was a U.S.-based …

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ICL full form


On this page, two ICL full forms are given below with a short description. ICL full form in Cricket Indian Cricket League The Indian Cricket League is the full form of ICL, was a private cricket league funded by Zee Entertainment Enterprises that operated between 2007 and 2009 in India. ICL full form in Computer …

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On this page, two ICC full forms are given below with a short description. International Cricket Council It is an international organization/company for cricket founded in 1909. In 1909, founded as Imperial Cricket Conference. In 1965, it renamed as International Cricket Conference again. And finally, in 1989 it renamed its current name as “International Cricket …

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