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  • MSME


    MSME full form Definition/Related to Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Security/Mobile/Telecom

  • MAMI

    Here, on this page, we have two MAMI full forms are given below. MAMI full form Mumbai Academy of Moving Image is the full form of MAMI. MAMI Board is a non-profit organization in Mumbai, Maharashtra MAMI full form in Medical Multicultural Association of Medical Interpreters

  • MDH

    Mahashian Di Hatti is the full form of MDH. MDH is an Awarded spices and spice mixtures Industry from India. MDH Limited is an Indian manufacturer, distributor, and exporter of ground spices and spice mixtures. It has 3 top products as Chana Masala, Chaat Masala, and Deggi Mirch. M.D.H. sells more than 60 products around…

  • MOM

    On this page, 5+ mom full forms are given below, and the Hindi meaning of MOM. [toc] Man of the Match Man Of the Month series Member Of the Month Middle of the Market Minutes of the meeting Modular Ocean Model Mothers On a Mission Museum Of Museums MOM means in Hindi माँ is the…

  • MBBS

    What is the MBBS full form?[toc] Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery is the meaning of MBBS. This is a medical study which allows the medical student to become a doctor. After the course student can put ‘Dr.’ word in the front of his/her name and can able to give treatment to the patient(s). Ex.…

  • MCOP

    What is the full form of MCOP?, MCOP full name and MCOP meaning, these are the keywords which are trending on search engines. The Mission Critical Open Platform The Mission Critical Open Platform (MCOP) is a collaborative project with the financial assistance award 70NANB17H151 from the U.S. Department of Commerce, National Institute of Standards and…