Here, on this page, we have two MAMI full forms are given below. MAMI full form Mumbai Academy of Moving Image is the full form of MAMI. MAMI Board is a non-profit organization in Mumbai, Maharashtra MAMI full form in Medical Multicultural Association of Medical Interpreters

Full Form Of OFC


Here, you can see two OFC full forms. OFC full form in Cables The Optical fiber cable is the full form of OFC. The full form of OFC in football or sports? Oceania Football Confederation


In this article, You will have information on OLX full forms. Online Exchange is the meaning of OLX which is a classified website where user can post their ad and can sell anything by self. It was founded in March 2006 by Alec Oxenford, Fabrice Grinda. Later this website was owned by Naspers.com It serving …

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OK full form, OK


Don’t know how many times we use this word everyday. Have you ever tried to find the OK meaning? Or you know already? Now the question is – What is the full form of OK? Okay is the the OK full form. “Oll Korrect” or “Olla Kalla” is also the full form of OK. We …

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OTT full form


Platform like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Voot, MX Player, etc called the OTT platform. I know, as we already know that these platforms are called the OTT platform. Now the question is, what is the full form of OTT. OTT full form is given below. OTT full form in Movies, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Voot Over-the-top …

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OTP full form


OTP full form Definition/Related to One time password / One-time pin Security/Mobile/Telecom