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  • RSK


    Rashtriya Swachhata Kendra It is an interactive experience center on the Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM). Rashtriya Swachhata Kendra (RSK) was first announced by the Prime Minister of India on 10th April 2017, on the occasion of the centenary celebrations of Gandhiji’s Champaran Satyagraha.

  • RSS

    Are you looking for the RSS meaning? This page is having information on RSS full form, RSS meaning in Hindi. In India, RSS is a famous acronym. Why it is so famous? Because it is an organization. [toc] RSS full form Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh is the full form of RSS. RSS is a non-governmental Indian…

  • RPUW

    We found only one RPUW full form which is given below. RPUW full form Actually, RPUW does not have any full form or full name or meaning. RPUW is just an Airpot code. The airport which located in the Philippines. It is the only airport in Philliphins located on and serving the island province of…

  • RIP

    The most famous RIP full form is given below in both languages, Hindi & English. Rest in Peace We use these words when someone died. To wish the soul of a decedent eternal rest and peace. It started in Latin language and uses as “Requiescat in pace” (in the Latin language) in traditional Christian services…