TBH full form To be honest TBH is an acronym that stands for “to be honest” as generally, we use it as a slang word in chat. In America, it was launched named tbh in 2017 and that was acquired by Facebook. Later tbh app was discontinued because of the low usage of this app.

trp full form


Let’s see the trp full form. On this page, I am writing about the full form of trp. As we know TRP is really famous because it’s well known in the media. In the world, TRP is the most searchable keyword. But why? Let’s see below. TRP full form in Media Target Rating Point or …

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What is the TITAN full form? Actually, TITAN is a brand name it does not have any full form. Its full name is Titan Company Limited which is well known for Luxury watches (Wristwatches), Eye-Wear, Jewellery, Perfumes, etc. It was founded in India in Bengaluru city. It is a joint venture between the Tata Group …

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TIPS full form


What is the full form of TIPS? TIPS is related to medical. In India, TIPS is the name of a music company that is very much famous. On this page, we also wrote about tips full form in hotels. TIPS full form in the US [TIPS accronym] Teens in Public Service is the full form …

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On this page, I am writing the full form of TSU. We added more than 5 TSU full form below in different categories.