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    DNHDD full form Definition/Related to Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman and Diu It is a Union Territory in western India. Daman is the new capital of DNHDD.


    DIHAR full form Related to Defence Institute of High Altitude Research A GoI Institute in Leh, Jammu and Kashmir, India.

  • DOS

    DOS full form Related to Denial-of-Service Computing/Network Disk operating system Computing/Hardware Department of Space GOI Department (Here GOI Stand for Government of India) Department of Statistics International Labour Organization (ILO)

  • DPSG

    On this page, two DPSG full forms are given below with a short description. [toc] Delhi Public School, Ghaziabad A school society in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh in India. Dr. Pepper Snapple Group The full form of DPSG is Dr Pepper Snapple Group which is a multinational soft drink company based in America and headquarter located…

  • DTDC

    We found four DTDC full forms here as given below:- DTDC full form Related to Door to Door Courier Indian courier delivery services public limited company Delhi Tourism Development Corporation Tour and travel company in Delhi, India. Dubai Tourism Development Company Tour and travel company in Dubai. [toc] DTDC full form in Courier DTDC Courier…

  • DLF

    On this page, five DLF full forms are given below with the short description. [toc] Delhi Land & Finance DLF is an Indian real state company founded in 1946 by Chaudhary Raghvendra Singh, and the headquarters placed in New Delhi. Delhi Land & Finance is the full form of DLF. The main work of DLF…

  • DHCP

    On this page, 3+ DHCP full forms are given below in different terms like computer, medical, networking, etc.[toc] DHCP full form in Networking or in Server Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol The DHCP terms in Networking is famous worldwide. We always search as the DHCP full form in networking or server or sometimes in computer or…

  • NDRF

    NDRF full form Definition/Related to National Disaster Response Force It is an Indian force which helps folks on disaster, under the Disaster Management Act, 2005.

  • DRBD

    On this page, DRBD full form is given below in with the short description.[toc] DRBD full form Distributed Replicated Block Device is the DRBD full form. It is a storage technique that runs on the Linux platform. It is enforced as many user area management applications and a few shell scripts and is generally used on…

  • DRDO

    On this page, one DRDO full form is given below in three languages with a short description. [toc] The Defence Research and Development Organisation The full form of DRDO is the Defense Research and Development Organization. This is an Indian organization or GoI Agency, founded in 1958 by the government of India which comes under…