We found four DTDC full forms here as given below:-

DTDC full formRelated to
Door to Door CourierIndian courier delivery services public limited company
Delhi Tourism Development CorporationTour and travel company in Delhi, India.
Dubai Tourism Development CompanyTour and travel company in Dubai.

DTDC full form in Courier

DTDC Courier & Cargo Limited is the full form of DTDC company name where Door to Door Courier is the DTDC full form. It is an Indian courier company which is providing delivery service locally as well as internationally. The company was founded by Mr. Subhasish Chakraborty in 1990.

Countries where DTDC serving their service:-

India, the USA, Canada, the UK, the UAE, Turkey, Singapore, Hong-Kong, China, Australia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Pakistan.


DTDC aspires to become India’s most preferred end-to-end Logistics, Express & Retail Services conglomerate with comprehensive global reach.


The firm got many awards and getting too. Some awards here as – Best Franchisor Award in the country for the 8th time by Franchise India.

About DTDC company and starting

With reference to the DTDC website, It is a power brand worth Rs. 425 crores and it has 5800+ Partners channel, 5500+ direct employees, and overseas operations in major countries across the world.

In 1990:- The firm was incorporated as a private limited but in the year 1994, it became a public limited.
In 2000, Launched in the US, UK, and Dubai.
In 2003, The firm became 100 Crore firm In 2008-10, Company launched Premium Express Products (PEP), VAS, and SCS.
In 2007, The company became a 200 crore company.

Even after this, the company achieved many achievements, opened many subsidiaries, and also opened its branch and business in countries which is worth appreciating.