Let’s see the trp full form. On this page, I am writing about the full form of trp. As we know TRP is really famous because it’s well known in the media. In the world, TRP is the most searchable keyword. But why? Let’s see below.

TRP full form in Media

Target Rating Point or Television Rating Point

What is TRP in the media? TRP stands for Target Rating Point which is a term to calculate or count the viewer of a TV channel. In simple words, the rank of a TV channel based on TRP. If TRP is high that’s mean the audience is high. Technically, it is a metric used in marketing and for advertising.

Do not confuse with Television Rating Point. Television Rating Point or Target Rating Point is the same full form of TRP.

TRP calculation method

TRP = Reach among target audience (%) x Average frequency.

TRP full form in income tax

Tax Return Prepares

Tax Return Prepares is a scheme which is designed by the Government of India and the scheme is handling by the income tax department. With the TRP scheme, the IT department helps small and medium taxpayers to manage their return of income and other income tax-related problems.

TRP full form in medical

Tubular Reabsorption of Phosphorus

TRP full form meaning in Hindi

लक्ष्य रेटिंग बिंदु