On this page, five GYM full forms are given below with a short description.

GYM full form Related to
Geoworks generic symbol files An extension on the computer. Credit –
Grab Your Music Slang word and also an extension.
Gudiyattam Gudiyattam is a city in India and GYM is the railway station code of that city. It comes in Tamil Nadu state in India and it is located near the border of Andhra Pradesh (AP).

GYM full form in body building

Gymnasium is the full form in body-building. However, folks use as ‘Grow Your Muscles’ is the meaning of GYM but Gymnasium is the GYM full form.

Global Youth Movement

The Global Youth Movement (GYM) is a relational partnership of global, regional, national, and local Christian youth ministries, practitioners, and specialists.

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