What does the AMUL Stand for? What is the full form of Amul? These are the questions searching by Indians on the internet because it is a 70+ years old company in India. Founded in 1946 (Just one year before India’s independence).

Amul full form in Butter, Milk, Basundi, Paneer, etc.

Anand Milk Union Limited is the AMUL meaning in India. As you can understand by the name that it is a milk brand.

AMUL was founded in 1946. Do you know in India Anand is the name of men’s. But Anand is also the name of a city in Gujarat.


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Why People searching on the internet as AMUL full form or Amul meaning?

As we read above, Amul is a milk brand that running for more than 70 years. Many products we use daily basis in food item which are given below.

AMUL is the largest milk dairy in India. They are selling milk, also they are selling other milk products like cheese, butter, ghee, cheese, Dahi, buttermilk, chocolate, ice cream, milk cream, shrikhand, paneer, gulab jamun, basundi and others.

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