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SSG Acronym

Swachh Survekshan Grameen is the full form of SSG. In India, The Department of Drinking Water and Sanitation commissioned “Swachh Survekshan Grameen-2022” (SSG 2022) through an independent survey agency to develop a ranking of all districts of India on the basis of sanitation (Swachhata) parameters.

The scope of the survey included an assessment of public places like schools, Anganwadis, PHCs, Haat/ Bazaars, Panchayat, households, waste management assets, service level progress of 14 indicators, and citizen’s perception of Swachhata.To build credibility the Ministry specifically also launched an intensive awareness campaign.

SSG full form in Medical

Sonosalpingography is the full form of SSG in the medical lines which is also known as the Sion test.

SSG full form in Surgery

Split-skin graft is the full form of SSG in surgery which is related to skin surgery or we can say plastic surgery.

SSG full form in Pakistan

Special Service Group is the full name of SSG in Pakistan. Special Service Group or The Pakistan Army Special Service Group as well known as Black Storks

SSG full form in Computer

The Symbolic Stream Generator is the full form of SSG in the computer.

SSG full form in Finance or Banking

Same-Store Sales Growth is the full form of SSG in banking or finance.