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  • GDP


    GDP full form Related to Gross Domestic Product Finance/Economy Good Documentation Practice Genrally, it is known as GDP or GDocP.

  • GATE

    GATE full form Definition/Related to Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering It is the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering in India, which is an entrance examination for admission in postgraduate (PG) program or for M Tech. All IIT’s conducts every year for this examination jointly.

  • GoI

    GoI full form Related to Government of India India

  • GYM

    On this page, five GYM full forms are given below with a short description. GYM full form Related to Geoworks generic symbol files An extension on the computer. Credit – Grab Your Music Slang word and also an extension. Gudiyattam Gudiyattam is a city in India and GYM is the railway station code of…

  • Gmail

    There is no need to write this article about the Gmail full form because everybody knows the full name of Gmail. It stands for Google Mail. It is a mail service that is known worldwide. This service is started by Google in 2004. It is a 100 Percent commercial mail service with a beautiful interface…