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  • JCB

    JCB meaning is given below which is related to monsters machine. Joseph Cyril Bamford is the JCB full form. It is a Machine or Crane which is known worldwide. This machine can be used for construction / in agriculture/military etc. It is a British multinational company whose headquarter placed at Rocester, Staffordshire. It was founded…

  • JJM


    On this page, one JJM full form is given below with a short description. Jal Jeevan Mission (जल जीवन मिशन) In English “Water Life Mission”. A mission launched by GoI. Every rural household is supplied with an insufficient quantity of prescribed quality water on a regular service and a long-term basis, thereby improving the standard…

  • JACK

    JACK full form Related to JACK Audio Connection Kit Electronics Java Applet Correctness Kit Technology/Computer Joint Action Council Kannur Council in India Joint Advisory Commission, Korea U.S. covert operations for Korean War. Just Another Contract Killer Computer game launched in 2003

  • JACR

    JACR full form Related to Japanese Association Of Cancer Registries Organization Job Admit Card Result Education Journal of Advances in Computer Research Education Journal of the American College of Radiology Publishing/Print Journal of Anesthesia and Clinical Research Education/Publishing/Print Journal of Ayurveda Case Reports Health/Medical/Report