On this page, more than 5 BBS full forms are given below with short descriptions.

Bar Bending Schedule

Bar Bending Schedule is the full form of BBS in civil or construction.

Bulletin Board System

I know the question may come to your mind like what is the BBS full form in the computer? So here, I am writing about BBS, BBS is software in a computer that permits users to connect and log-in to the system with the help of a terminal program.

Bhutan Broadcasting Service

BBS is a national level Radio and TV service in Bhutan The First radio broadcast was announced in November 1973.

Baton Broadcast System

It was a television system in Ontario and Saskatchewan, Canada Owned by Baton Broadcasting.

Boom Boom Satellites

BBS is a Japanese electronic and musical duo consisting of guitarist and vocalist Michiyuki Kawashima and bassist and programmer Masayuki Nakano.

Be Back Soon

BBS is an internet slang word, which is using mostly by users on chatting.

Bureau of Biological Survey

In India, the full form of BBS is the Bureau of Biological Survey In India.

Indian railway code, Bhubaneswar

BBS’s meaning is Bhubaneswar. It is an Indian railway station code.