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  • TRP


    Let’s see the trp full form. On this page, I am writing about the full form of trp. As we know TRP is really famous because it’s well known in the media. In the world, TRP is the most searchable keyword. But why? Let’s see below.[toc] TRP full form in Media Target Rating Point or […]

  • ACE

    On this page, two ACE full forms are given below with a short description. We found many ACE full form which is given below:- ACE Full Form In EducationACE Full Name Action Construction Equipment It is India’s respected manufacturer of material handling and construction equipment. American Council on Exercise It is the most respected non-profit […]

  • AXAA

    On this page, one AXAA full forms are given below with a short description. [toc] Anand Xavier Alumni Association Anand Xavier Alumni Association is the full form of AXAA. It is an association in Gujarat, India. Australian X-ray Analytical Association AXAA’s full form is the Australian X-Ray Analytical Association. As we can understand from the […]

  • SSG

    Are you looking for the full form of SSG? Thousands of users search on the internet for SSG full form, SSG meaning, SSG full form in medical, SSG full form in the computer, SSG full form in pharmacy, SSG full form in education, SSG full form in banking, finance, surgery, in India, in the police, […]

  • BDD

    On this page, more than three BDD full forms are given below in 3 languages with a short description. [toc] BDD full form in Testing or software The BDD stands for Behavior Driven Development. BDD is the branch of TDD and TDD stands for the ‘Test-Driven Development’. BDD full form in Medical The BDD acronym […]

  • DHCP

    On this page, 3+ DHCP full forms are given below in different terms like computer, medical, networking, etc.[toc] DHCP full form in Networking or in Server Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol The DHCP terms in Networking is famous worldwide. We always search as the DHCP full form in networking or server or sometimes in computer or […]

  • BMW

    On this page, three BMW full forms are given below in four languages with a short description. Also, 10+ BMW funny full form is there on the list. BMW full form BMW is a famous word in the world because of its cars, bikes, and bicycles. B M W is abbreviated for Bavarian Motor Works […]

  • ICL

    On this page, two ICL full forms are given below with a short description.[toc] ICL full form in Cricket Indian Cricket League The Indian Cricket League is the full form of ICL, was a private cricket league funded by Zee Entertainment Enterprises that operated between 2007 and 2009 in India. ICL full form in Computer […]