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  • CeNS

    CeNS full form Related to Center for Embedded Network Sensing Computing/Networking Center for NanoScience NanoScience institute in Munich, Germany. Centre for Nano and Soft Matter Sciences/td> Research Institute in India

  • ATM


    The automated teller machine is the ATM full form, which is also known as a money machine, cash point, cash line, or hole in the wall. It is an electronic machine which is generally used for withdrawing, You can withdraw your money(but limited) from the machine using your ATM/Credit/Debit/Master Card 24*7. But in the modern…

  • TBH

    TBH full form[toc] To be honest TBH is an acronym that stands for “to be honest” as generally, we use it as a slang word in chat. In America, it was launched named tbh in 2017 and that was acquired by Facebook. Later tbh app was discontinued because of the low usage of this app.

  • DRBD

    On this page, DRBD full form is given below in with the short description.[toc] DRBD full form Distributed Replicated Block Device is the DRBD full form. It is a storage technique that runs on the Linux platform. It is enforced as many user area management applications and a few shell scripts and is generally used on…

  • CCTV

    On this page, two CCTV full forms are given below with a short description. [toc] Closed-Circuit Television The full form of CCTV is Closed-Circuit Television which is a technological device that monitors everything as we want on our order. CC TV is a camera or device which has a digital camera and autofocus technique that…

  • TRP

    Let’s see the trp full form. On this page, I am writing about the full form of trp. As we know TRP is really famous because it’s well known in the media. In the world, TRP is the most searchable keyword. But why? Let’s see below.[toc] TRP full form in Media Target Rating Point or…

  • RIP

    The most famous RIP full form is given below in both languages, Hindi & English. Rest in Peace We use these words when someone died. To wish the soul of a decedent eternal rest and peace. It started in Latin language and uses as “Requiescat in pace” (in the Latin language) in traditional Christian services…

  • PPT

    PPT full form Definition/Related to Parts Per Trillion Measurement Unit PowerPoint Presentation Software/File extension

  • CPC

    On this page, five CPC full forms are given below with a short description. Central Placement Cell As we can understand from its name, it is a placement cell where it is working for unemployed candidates. It is run by the Government of Odisha for ITI, Diploma, SDC, and MES passed out to students to…

  • DOS

    DOS full form Related to Denial-of-Service Computing/Network Disk operating system Computing/Hardware Department of Space GOI Department (Here GOI Stand for Government of India) Department of Statistics International Labour Organization (ILO)