On this page, four IID full forms are given below with the short description.

Indian Independence Day

Every year, the 15th of August celebrated as Independence Day in India. It’s started in 1947.

Indian Institute of Diabetes

Indian Institute of Diabetes is the IID full form which is an educational institute in Kerala, India about diabetes.

Institute for Industrial Development

The full form of IID is Institute for Industrial Development. This is an Incubator under the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model with the Ministry of MSME Ministry of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises, GoI.

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Integrated Infrastructural Development

It is a scheme in India launched in 1994 by the Government of India. The scheme covers districts which are not covered under the Growth Centers scheme. The scheme covers rural as well as urban areas with a provision of 50% reservation for rural areas and 50% industrial plots to be reserved for the tiny sector. The scheme also provides for up-gradation/strengthening of the infrastructural facilities in the existing old industrial estates.

The aim of the IID scheme is to provide developed sites with infrastructural facilities like power distribution networks, water, telecommunication, drainage, and pollution control facilities, roads, banks, raw materials, storage, and marketing outlets, common service facilities, and technological backup services, etc.

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